1. It's Not Our Strategy, It's Yours

Brand strategy isn't something you outsource.  It's too important and fundamental to the business.  When you work with us we don't lock ourselves in a room for four weeks and come back with "The Answer". We work closely with you and the executive team to guide you through the process. In our experience it is essential the leadership team of any organisation help to generate the brand strategy if they are going to believe in it and own it fully. 

2. insight is essential to Strategy

We are first and foremost experts in everything to do with brand strategy, but one of the key tools we use to inform this is our understanding of people, their emotions and how they behave.  We are highly skilled and experienced research practitioners so we do all our own consumer research.  By understanding the problem and what is required from the solution we can make sure the research is designed and conducted to bring out the best possible insights and understanding. 

3. We Like To Get To Solutions Fast

Our approach is to get to solutions fast then iterate and improve by exposing ideas early and often to stakeholders. There needs to be a learning stage on any project to understand the context and the problem to solve.   But then we like to get to prototypes, early ideas and solutions which we them improve and refine based on exposing them to key audiences inside and especially outside the organisation.  

4. Brands are engines of growth

Brand strategy and strong brands are not an indulgence. They exist to service one purpose and one purpose only and that is to generate superior long term profitability to a business.  However, brand ideas cannot exist in a vacuum, they need to drive business outcomes.  This is one of the reasons we spend the time to understand the business strategy first. What audiences are critical? Where will growth come from?  So that the business strategy and brand strategy are totally aligned.  Brand strategy must be informed by and deliver to commercial reality.  

5. Rigour & Creativity Go Together

We think rigour and creative thinking about brand strategy are not at odds, but rather, go hand in hand. We like numbers, data, statistics and analytical rigour. We like to leave no stone unturned when it comes to knowing the business, the brand, the competition and the customer. But then, with any truly interesting strategy, there needs to be a measure of lateral thinking to get to breakthrough ideas.  So we ensure a healthy measure of both in the way we approach projects.